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AIM - The Dark Side of Megacity


Author Comments

The sound of this song was initially inspired by the vibe of someone viewing a sunset from a corporate office. The rhythms are in part supposed to represent the fast pace of this metropolis (or at least it started that way).

The lyrics came later and were also initially based on the picture, but like the music they grew into something larger. The subject the lyrics are about takes place in the shadowy urban area below the second layer of city in the upper left corner of the artwork. The city being represented in my song, which has no name in the artwork it's based on, I decided to call Megacity.

I hope you guys like this. :)

I give credit to @Kamikaye for their vast and sprawling urban landscape image that served as an inspiration for this music piece:


My YouTube Channel


So many places

I wish to go

So many faces

I wish to know

But I'm stuck here

Down below

In the Megacity


So little sunlight

So little warmth

In the corner of

Where I was born

And I'm sorry that I couldn't say goodbye

I'm in my own personal darkroom

And I cannot see the light

You were everything to me

And I cannot win this fight

Without you

So many places

I'd like to be

If I could only get up

On my feet

But my shoes

Have worn so thin

The road is eating away at my skin

So many buildings

I have to climb

But the clocktower says

I'm out of time

And I'm sorry that I couldn't say goodbye

I'm in my own personal darkroom

And I cannot see the light

You were everything to me

And I cannot win this fight

Without you


I'll be fine

Sell your soul

It's so cold


Read my lips

Can't you stay

Here at home

How's the sun

Is it bright

Does it shed the light upon you

Take my love

Crumpled up

May it help remind you

I'm in my own personal darkroom

And I cannot see the light

No one else pays attention

They can't tell between wrong and right

I don't want to be the fifth wheel

I don't want to be left behind

You were everything to me

And I cannot win this fight

Without you

*Audio last edited on 6-21-21

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From the moment moment those guitar chords play, I could instantly connect the music to the setting in the art. You not only captured a city, but the perspective of looking down at the city from above. The idea of creating a song around a specific area of the art was a good premise, and I think the contrasts between light and dark, along with the way spaces are constructed and taken over in a city, are interesting concepts to develop in a song.

Lyrically, I think that there are a lot of interesting angles that could be explored in these lyrics. The song mentions the character being "stuck" and the concept of "you" alluded to the idea of a double meaning - perhaps one's aching desire for light along with the disconnection from a loved one or partner who is, metaphorically the "light", not to mention that the song could possibly be approached from the perspective of that one area in the "megacity" itself. I think the lyrics do touch on these ideas, but I wish the chorus was not so general, especially with the "you were everything to me, and I cannot win this fight" lines, which feel quite overdramatic in a song of this nature.

When listening to the song, I'd say the lyrics didn't really bother me, mostly because I had trouble hearing a lot of the lyrics through the vocals. The mix seemed to bury the vocals, especially around the chorus, which came across as you, perhaps, not being as confident in your vocal ability. I don't know for sure, but it does seem that way - something about your tone I think. That and some moments sound like you're running out of breath, particularly on "fight". This is something that can only be built upon with practice, so keep on singing. :)

The best part of this song was easily the composition. As much as I am confused about the lyrics, the melody is what helps to give them some sense of direction and emotion. Normally, I'm not crazy about long intros, but this one really took the time to set the scene in a way that felt just right. What gets me the most, however, is that guitar riff after the chorus (1:36 to 1:42 as an example). The way that phrase ends, with the single drum beat connecting the two ideas, is a 5/5 buildup and payoff for me.

I enjoyed this a great deal! Your instrumentation is great, the composition evolves and has a really motif. It's a bit of a shame that sometimes the mix gets a bit muddy when you've got a lot of elements going at once, and I'd recommend that you stereo out/pan some of the instruments just a bit to give them some separation.

One other tip I might suggest would be to round out the frequency spectrum of some of the instruments by a *tiny* bit. A little less low end and more stick action on the snare, a bit more bass in your voice, things like that could really help the mix pop a bit.

Other than that excellent job! Liked the lyrics as well. Can't wait to see what else you do :)

The mix could use some work.

Look at melodyne to help fix your pitch when you go flat.

T'was nice

I love it!

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4.22 / 5.00

May 10, 2021
11:10 AM EDT
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