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AIM - Lost Ancient Machines

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Used as a submission for the 8th annual Art-Inspired Music Contest!

Inspired by @keepwalking 's artwork:

I wanted to recreate the scene where the girl eventually attempts to communicate with the titan/machinery golems which I incorporated the use of altered voice samples to create humanoid sounds which represent the golems'. That, played over piano and guitar tracks, represents the voice from the human side.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sadly I've got no more than that though, but think of it as a beginning of a story between these two sides. I hope that makes some kind of sense...

Talking about melodies, easily speaking- you'll hear the same progression over and over again, so to make it less boring I've inserted interludes and a saw lead solo thing in between them.

I don't have a degree in audio engineering so I'm not a pro at it so excuse me if it sounded a bit wacky, but my ears are always hungry for critiques. :)

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What I love about this entry is that it brings out the emotive connection between the two characters in the artwork. The somber, muted piano suggests the girl being timid and I like that evoking of character via timbre. The little vibrato in the keys, too, comes across as a quiver. The composition also sounds like it's constantly changing between like a IV and V chord or something similar of the sort, and the fact that it never really resolves was a great setup for portraying this ongoing conversation between the machine and human.

What I really would have loved to hear more of is a sense of development in conversation between these two characters interpreted musically. I do, however, find the little glissandos from the electric sounds at around 2:15 to have a sense of urgency, but it seems to not lead to any consequences as the piece basically returns to the same musical ideas later on. I think it could have been interesting to show more emotion in the piano/guitar composition - the sense of initial curiosity could lead to an understanding like "hey, this strange, scary thing isn't really that scary after all".

It also could be a neat idea to (although I'm not sure how many programs do this) slowly have the piano/guitar and electronic robot sounds shift into each other. Timbral morphing I think it's called? That shift would also be a possible method of getting these two sets of instruments to interact with each other.

I do find it interesting that the piano aka human character seems to remain in that same chord progression, whereas the machine sounds have that sort of warning sound as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Overall, this entry is very good at portraying characters and a general snapshot of the scene musically, and it made me want to know more about the "conversation" that was being evoked in the music.

Your instruments are too quiet. The guitar loop fill thing around 1 min has wrong notes.

Work on your dynamics control!

carmine3 responds:

I see! It's nice to learn a thing from this, thanks!


damn this slaps!

Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats to Tame the Iron Giant To

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May 8, 2021
11:56 AM EDT
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