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AIM - Eggstraordinary Garnish Grandiosa


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Inspired by "Space fried egg" by Aleha84

CONTEXT: In western music theory the letters A through G are used to represent notes; in the english language the word for egg is "egg"

Earlier this year one of the many promps for john's chips 2021:1 was to make an melody using the notes E-G-G and while I did not participated in it, I kept that thought around... E-G-G

And thus, while searching through pixel art I come across aleha84's space fried egg and thought "hmm what if I did something based around E-G-G?" And that's what I did

This song is mostly 2 different parts, the first one uses E-G-G in its main melody while the chord progression goes Em-C-C#dim/G-C until it doesn't (then it's Em-Em-Edim-F#dim/D# for the transition to part 2)

Part 2 uses E-G-G not on the melody alone, but on the bass! It haunts you with deep egg thoughts! Thus I made the chord progression be Em-G-G+-Em (G+ is an augmented triad, I choose that because the fifth does a nice chromatic walk D-D#-E that fits well with the vibe)

I'm really happy with how this turned out! The instruments helped a lot with the space vibe, without them I feel the song wouldn't be as cool

It sounds a little "touhou"-esque sometimes to me (probably because of the first chord progression)

EDIT(4/21/21): Changed one instrument that bugged me and made some instruments slightly louder

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I'm impressed that you were able to find a piece of art that specifically had to do with eggs and outer space. (I'm also surprised that johnfn is still doing EGG compos in 2021, but that's neither here nor there.)

I've always had this internal expectation that pieces with EGG would be goofy and cheesy, but I enjoy how this piece is amusing and manages to be in on the joke while having class. I certainly get a sense of outer space shenanigans and I like how the piece incorporates that three note pattern.

The structure of the piece is pretty good; I enjoy the structure and flow of events that keep the piece compelling. I could have used some more velocity on the notes, particularly the EGG pattern, since that's the one that is most prominent - just something to give the notes a bit more sense of phrasing and not have each note hit the same.

Overall, this piece is a haunted egg waltz and I don't think I could say that about any other entry, lmao. I like the outro the most, especially when those higher notes at 2:39 re-enter. That slowed down version of the part from the beginning was an interesting change of pace that allowed the entry to conclude in a satisfying manner.

I like the spacey arpeggios at the beginning. The ghostly synth at :10 is really nice. The chord progression is a little cliche, and the rhythm is a little square. I like the ghostly melodies at :40 or so, but some of the effects in here are pretty repetitive (there's a synth effect that plays on the downbeat of every measure for most of the piece, for example). I like the flute-like synth at 2:27 - has a bit of a smoother sound than most of the quirky synths in here. The mixing is pretty solid too. Overall, fun piece! I like the melodies, flow, production, and sound design. Keep at it, Tebyricat. ^^

what did you use to make this its fucking good

Tebyricat responds:

I use Ableton as a DAW and most instruments used are from Massive. Btw, you DON'T have to buy the stuff I said I use to make good music, there are great free options available (that I too use because good freebies are good)

This matches the pictures vibe to a T! And I appreciate the thought you put in behind the song itself (using E-G-G). This song belongs in a game! Great work!

I can hear the dripping runny egginess flecking into little beads in space

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Apr 20, 2021
2:40 PM EDT
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