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Fight For The Present

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Author Comments

EDIT: Thank you so much for frontpage!! <3

EDIT 2: Hello GD people o/ (shoutout to Rafer <3)

Heya! So this is actually a re-do of an old track of mine (https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/752358)

Except this time, I know a bit more of what I'm doing.

I'm still quite proud of this chord progression, though.

I composed this with some kind of battle in mind, between two equally matched forces.

I wanted to highlight that by using 2 different lead synths and 2 different pianos.

The bassline was inspired by Final Fantasy's battle themes.

Lastly, I'm addicted to arpeggios.

YT: https://youtu.be/4BFlLk_OKIo

SC: https://soundcloud.com/nstryder/for-the-present

Tools used (all free)

  • Pianos: Keyzone Classic (Yamaha vs Steinberg)
  • Synths: Surge
  • Strings: Virtual Playing Orchestra
  • Bass: Ample Bass Lite
  • Drums: Ghosthack Samples

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Curious what the other revisions are



[I decided to mostly scrap my old review. I don't think it did this utter godsend the full justice it deserves]

To put it as calmly as I possibly can, THIS PIECE FUCKING SLAPS!!! This hectic, this chaotic, this fast-paced, this INSANE, whilst also perfectly shifting to charming and calm. Perfect balance of intensity and calmness is always a massive feat to accomplish inside of a song and this one does it masterfully. The second drop *1:44-2:30* is one of my favorite verses inside of a song I have ever heard, PERIOD! And the other parts don't disappoint, either, to say the very least.
The beginning part is an incredibly calm and charming introduction that takes its time to be beautiful, start off the song and ready you up for the unhinged, extreme yet still orderly insanity you're about to experience in the later parts. The calmer parts are absolutely soaring and gorgeous, with the third drop, despite being the weakest in my opinion, still being this really beautiful mix of fast-paced but still somehow calm and feeling more emotional, like the true climax of the entire song.
Whilst the true epic parts, the first and the second drops are phenomenal in their own special rights. Seriously, can we talk about how all three of this song's drops are tonally different and completely unique whilst still keeping the same overall style? It's INGENIOUS and equally phenomenally executed.
The first drop is the most orderly of the three, yet still really epic and an absolutely amazing tone-setter for the two other drops, whilst standing out from them because of the completely different way it sounds. Yet again, all three of the epic parts sound completely different from each other and yet all of them slap incomprehensibly hard.
...And then there's the true triumph of this song, the thing that truly elevates it from 10/10 to a *12/10!* The second epic part. I can not put how transcendent this part of the song is to me. I am FLOORED by how good it is and will never fail to be no matter how many times I listen to it. It is UTTERLY UNHINGED and I simply adore it. It's so raw, so powerful, and it is pure, unadulterated action-packed glory. It almost feels like it's trying to make up for the more grounded and emotional feel of the other two drops, and BOY DOES IT DO THAT SUCCESSFULLY! I don't think I've ever heard a piano being played more quickly than this (I know that the piano wasn't played live and it's composed using a music program, but you get the idea, piano go zoom zoom), in a piece of music (It is still theoretically playable by a single person, which makes it all the cooler in my eyes, as it isn't a ''Mountain King using 1.5 million piano notes!11!1'' clickbait video kind of thing, it's a serious composition). Like what the hell, am I listening to Flight of the Bumblebee on STEROIDS or something?! It truly is that flawless and magnificent in my opinion, it slaps harder than the combined power of every single star in the UNIVERSE!

In conclusion, as a whole, this is truly, truly one of my all time favorite pieces of music ever created and I will never get tired of listening to and praising it. If Newgrounds allowed it, I'd give it an 11/10.

nstryder responds:

Late reply from me, but thank you very much :) I highly appreciate your enthusiasm; as a reward here's some fun behind-the-scenes stuff for this song
- This 2021 version is actually the 7th revision of this song, with the original 2017 one being the first one. I kept coming back to this song every few months thinking "I just know this could be better with what I can do now." I had an 8th revision too but scrapped it.
- This is actually the 10th track out of an 11-track album that I kept unreleased. The album was meant to tell a whole fantasy story from just the track titles, music, and leitmotifs; with this track being the climax battle between the main opposing forces.
- The 3rd arpeggio in the second drop accidentally came out like the intro arpeggio to the Pokemon Red Champion theme. I kept it though because it sounds just right.
- So far, the most popular part of this song is the 3rd drop. Which is great! But my personal favorite part that I gave the most attention to was definitely the 2nd drop, so I'm glad you're highlighting that :)

Just saw a gd level with this music on YouTube and decided to listen to it separately. It's a freackin masterpiece, I love it. Also it strangely reminds me of Nyx the Shield's Inking mistake from Underverse. It brings the same feeling

Credits & Info


4.67 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2021
5:10 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
8.8 MB
3 min 52 sec
  • Reaper

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