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SCHOOLED (From Sonic Vs. Pico)

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Made this for Mikey's cartoon for the FNF Animation Jam! The idea was always to hone in on Pico's past and make Sonic fit in as organically as possible (even though he's such an outsider in the rest of the cartoon).

Musically, it's a little tribute to the grungy style of old NG games like Pico's School and Alien Hominid - I hope you'll enjoy all the little embellishments I tossed in!


Pico: If I can't beatcha with speed...I'll beatcha with endurance. C'mon. Let's rap for real.


Wanna fight me? You oughta know!

This merc's got a mouth rapidfirin' faster than a gun!


Wanna fight me? You're too slow!

Been waitin' for years for Pico's School 2, not reruns!


Least I haven't changed!

Half your new games flopped, they were too damn strange!

Doesn't shock me you've turned to rapping!

You got no style, anything could happen!


Least what I do counts!

Put my face on stuff, it sells moderate amounts!

Sure, my brand might get diluted

But Newgrounds is dead, that's undisputed!


This place is hot, this place is bumpin

Ever Heard of a game called friday night funkin?

We're winnin' new fans at any cost, any price!

You fought mario and lost!



Maybe in a flash from 2004!

You're hot for now, I'm long-adored!

Hundreds of games, linin' shelves with cool

You've got like twelve, go back to school!

Pico: Can't do that, the place burned down!

Everybody's dead...I can still hear the sounds...

They make me afraid...I get real silent....

Then I tense up...I GET VIOLENT.


Whoa, whoa, buddy, this is goin' too far!

Keep reachin for the guns, you'll start drivin a car

Or a motorcycle, while yer yellin out "damn"...

This path won't end well...chill out man...

Pico: What was that?


Don't tell me to chill when you're frozen in place!

Not afraid to prove me wrong? Say it to my face!

Why should I take advice   

from a has-been whose creativity's on ice?

Your voice is inconsistent and weak!

Most of your fans hate when you speak!

And they hate your games! And they hate your friends!

Gonna do em a favor, you won't live to play again!

Sonic: Alright. That's it!


Unleashin' the truth, kid, it's clear to see

You're a trigger-happy tot fulla PTSD!

You can keep on deflectin' on me and boyfriend

But maybe that's why things didn't work out in the end!

I know the fears, It hurts to try

For years and years SEGA wouldn't let me cry!

So answer me this before ya blow me away:

Will it REALLY make things better if you kill me today?

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the person who voiced Sonic got it almost exactly accurate

DAMN Thats cool

Let's a Fucking GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While your yelling out DAMN!

Nice go Picoooo!

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Mar 15, 2021
4:47 AM EDT
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