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Today it occurred to me that there are the same number of classes in the original "Lemmings" game as there are in "Team Fortress 2", if you include the generic lemming with no special skills. So I made this: "Teem Fortress 2" (get it, teem instead of team, because the game is teeming with lemmings lol it's not a typo i sware). I guess Spy isn't really a Digger, and it's too bad that Medic has to be an unskilled lemming, but that's the way it turned out. I think those baggy lemming smocks kinda suit them, though!

If you like this pic, be sure to check out "Spy & Pyro" in my movie submissions! :)


I never got much into the Lemmings game so it was a bit hard to get that much into this. I still appreciated it. It's simply a nice piece of art. I am at least somewhat familiar with the Lemmings art style. Team Fortress 2 just shows so many times on the Internet. Still not as much as MLP, though.

I notice there seems to be some white stuff just hanging out at the end of some of their faces. It's probably an artwork error. It's nice to see them in their classic pose. I also like how the title is presented. It's a nice merging of franchises.

Sweet! I lol'd

One word for ya..


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:D awesome

Thats made my day :p.

Great idea!

I like how the pyro's gonna blow up in 3 seconds. What's the medic's role though? And I think the heavy should've been a blocker. Cause he's most likely to block everyone who might wanna pass :P Anyways awesome idea. Strange stairs by the way. They're flat on the ground but the one in the guy's hand isn't...

TmsT responds:

Yes, I had to make a few questionable decisions on the classes. I decided Soldier would make a better Blocker, since the Blockers are controlling, stick-up-the-butt types, like a drill sergeant might be. Spy and Medic are the only ones I can't really justify with anything. XD (See comments - Medic is the "normal "lemming)

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