I made this on sort of a whim. I've created some kinds of spirits myself (though the Bodach's name and tendency to steal children is taken from elsewhere) and figured it might be an interesting exercise to make a little visual information chart for what they are and how they act.

The little image in the corner of the Shilach's box is intended to compare sizes- a child, a man, a Lindach, a Samhach, a Bodach, and a Shilach- the latter obviously being the smallest of the spirits.
Hopefully this is at least a little bit interesting to someone.

Comments are appreciated!

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Your Spirt concepts are always interesting

I am honest when I say you should consider making some sort of compilation encyclopaedia of these. It seems like it would be a project well suited to your talents.

Anyhow, once again, great work!


I really like your designs for those spirits here as well the ideas behind them, it's pretty creative.

You managed to make them look distinguishable while still looking like related or "similar" beings somehow.

Your color choices are really great. They fit the characteristics you gave each of them well.

It strikes me that the Samhach seems to be the only one without a "three-dimensional" shading. I know that spirits can be flat though, so you could have done it on purpose, but I just thought I should mention it anyway.

As for the writing, I noticed that most paragraphs start with the spirits' names which is absolutely fine, it's just that I feel like Lindach's description should start with its name too, instead of "they". I know it's such a minor issue but I think it would help the reading flow.

"Hospital" is written twice in the habitat section of the Shilach.

The adult and child silhouette to compare sizes is a nice addition generally, but I feel like it's out of place where it is now. It should either have its own little box or the comparison of each spirit with those two silhouettes should each be in the respective panels.

Overall it's an enchanting piece of art that is very well executed.

I hope you don't mind that most of my "critique" is basically just some kind of nitpicking. But there isn't really much to critique apart from that.

Great job!

5/5 & 10/10

Luxembourg responds:

No, the nitpicking is fine! They're all great points and things I noticed, too after submitting this. The Samhach is less three-dimensional because I wanted it to look a little more ethereal and ghostly. Also, after blending the colors like that, I honestly wasn't so sure of how to apply shading to it. The second "hospital" should have said "concert halls". I wasn't really sure where else to put the size comparisons.
Thanks for the review. Sorry about all the little mistakes. I'm glad you like it, though!

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Oct 21, 2011
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