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Balancing Act


A promotional image for
my thesis film for the School of Visual Arts 2011 Graduating Class: "Balancing Act".
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=ZISmZDsM6Ao (Trailer)

Three friends meet up for a slice of pizza one day and, as friends do, get into a petty argument. Suddenly, a trio of villains appear and attack the park just outside of the pizza place! Our heroes reluctantly and jadedly spring into action against the havoc-wreaking opponents...but will their bickering be a massive distraction from the matter at hand, or will it take the outside eyes of another hero to step in and save the day?

(Logo by Bryon Beaubien)

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Why did the link send me to a Giggle Nerd Studios video?

Huh? Where's the part where you vote on it? I was depressed that this didn't have one. I admit that this isn't one of your pictures. I guess I just wanted something more flashy. It still makes me anticipate whatever's coming up.

Obviously, that's you on the far left. In fact, all of these people kind of look like you. It's always nice that you're trying new things. I knew there'd be some strange action involved in this. You're as good with colors as ever.

@ Golden-Chicken
Dude, look at your own pieces of mediocre smudges of paint on the PC call art. What Kirb did here was so much better than your Mario pictures. Next time, before you say something like this, look at your own "art work". Something to think about, good day, feeble minded peon.

If you wanted to make some sort of aliens then mission accomplished.
But if you wanted to make humans, you definitely need to practice. The noses, the eyes, the hair. basicly anything looks of. The only thing you did okay was the title. But the gradient shading just looks awful, and it always have. But it seems like you use it in everything (hints, the eyes). Not just this artwork here. But also your other art, and your animations.

The only advice i can give you, is to try something new. Not just recycle this anime ish art style.
Learn anatomy, learn about colors, learn about perspectives. Just do SOMETHING.
For all of those years you have been drawing and animating, it's just not possible for someone like Oney, or Ricepirate, to be 1000 times better at stuff like this, then you are. Get your ass in gear and just practice man!

Sorry got TTA/Tome on my mind lol

I'm just guessing that Nick Mantel is GC( Gamecrasher) Mike Ilaqua is UC/Alpha
and Chris Frost is Kirbopher. I know its just same first names and all but anyway i can't wait to see this film

Credits & Info


May 13, 2011
3:32 PM EDT

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