Return from the hunt


a southern kingdom hunting party returns from a day of bountiful hunt.

In the temperate mountain ranges of the secondary continent lies what is probably the most successful civilization in the land. Unlike the northern nomads and the sand kingdom who still rely a lot on scavenging and hunting as well as living in on the road or inside rickety huts on top of collosal bones, the southern kingdom has one advantage that the other two societies don't have which is a fairly tame ecosystem and an abundance of natural resources.

the nomads of the north have just as much, if not, more resources to take advantage of than the southern kingdom but staying put in the constantly spreading, nightmare-filled jungles would mean suicide. The ecosystem of the sand kingdom is pretty scarce so inhabitants there don't need to always be on the move. However the scarcity of floras and faunas also means that they rely heavily on scavenging and thus can't further their society anymore than that.

in the southern kingdom, you have a tame ecosystem, allowing the abandoned cities of the old world to be built upon into a new civilization and an abundance in natural resources such as metal and other mining materials, woods from the colossal woodlands, and a plenty amount of animals that could easily be domesticated. There are still dangerous gigantic insects and many other beasts that plague the north but up here in the cold mountains, they don't get that many in numbers and the fact that jungles in the south don't spread unnaturally fast like in the north also means that all those giant creepy crawlies would stay there.

with all these factors in place, a mighty civilization is bound to rise.
the southern kingdom consists of provinces built upon old cities in a relatively flat plain scattered in between the steep mountains and jungles. Each province mostly consists of rural areas where people farm for crops and breed livestock or mine for resources, and the capital which are the old cities that has once again been inhabited by humans. The rural area is closer to the wilderness but because people there live a simple and quite life, most of the creatures in the heart of the jungles don't attack often. However in the capital, life is busy. people live inside the high skyscrapers and the abandoned roads have been turned into busy streets filled with merchants bringing commodities from other provinces in their carts or trucks to trade, shops, blacksmiths, gunsmiths, even restaurants and taverns also fill the capital while there are always a few buildings designated for government operations. The edge of the cities is usually used as military bases. always on the lookout for swarms of giant insects that often get attracted to all the loud noises, completely ignoring the rural villages.

the culture of the southern kingdom resembles a lot of asian and american cultures due to the fact that america was filled with a lot asian immigrants in the old era. many buildings have japanese-looking roofs while most shops look very similar to ancient chinese shops however, with post-apocalyptic modern technologies being around such as guns, vehicles, and even radios since the southern kingdom has managed to re-establish radio towers and broadcast news from other provinces.

many provinces have their own specializations. Some focuses on agriculture, others producing silk, mining in mountains and canyons, crafting bone guns and other weapons either metal based or animal based provided by provinces also specializing in said materials.

aside from protecting the capitals from insect raids, the military also take part in noble hunts. usually led by the noblemen of the province and working with skilled hunters or trackers in the rural areas. after a successful hunt, the bounty would be shared throughout the poorer parts of the province.

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Nice visual for a post-apocalytic type of world. Also there's a music clip that I was listening to up here while reading your description. Mysteries of the Green by DanJohansen, sorta fits to this place a bit.


Now I want to watch Max Max:FR again.

Very impressive, amazing story to go with it. Do i sense some Mad Max influence in there? I just noticed you're only 17, blew me away. Keep up the good work man!

Kiabugboy responds:

Yeah, almost all of my post apocalyptic drawings has some mad max influence in there :p

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