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the sand plains isn't a completely barren desert (as i have probably stated many times in the other drawings taking place in the same world). In fact it's actually full of unique ecosystems. Three gigantic rivers run deep in the sand plains, breaking off into smaller systems and artesian aquifers,where water can reach the surface naturally by pressure or by man-made wells. This system is what made oasis' commonly found throughout the plains. and thus far the largest groups of colossal oasis' is where the sand kingdom is situated in, built on top of the giant boneyards also situated in that area.

however, outside of the comfort of these oasis' are many harsh environments filled with dangerous desert faunas and unforgiving ecosystems such as the cactus forest.
if you ever found yourself chased by bandits in these areas, The cactus forest could either be your salvation, or your excruciating end. It all depends on how beefed your armor is.

in fact, many bandits set up their camps near cactus forests since many of their victims don't have a strong enough armor to avoid being shredded to pieces. So the bandits would usually corner their victim into a cactus forest and out of their desperation, the victim would simply charge into the forest. By the time they realize they have damaged their armor and possibly received a wound from all of the spikes, they'd already be deep inside the thorny nightmare. The bandits, who often have armors strong enough to penetrate the forest, would simply follow the trail of torn metal scraps and flesh to the helpless victim and deliver the killing shot. then they'd collect all of the victim's loots and often, the body of the victim itself. usually to be stored as snacks, as you can imagine, food isn't plentiful outside of the oasis'

though the cactus forest is generally avoided, it also stores inside it, precious materials in the form of faunas. the giant wildlife which exclusively inhabits the forest is well adapted to living in such a dangerous place so most of them have insanely though skins or exoskeletons. Such as some of the desert tortoises and other reptiles as well as giant beetles and scorpionids. If you manage to hunt one of these creatures, then you basically got yourself one the strongest armor in town that will last a life time. or fetch a mighty price in the sand kingdom market.

however if one considers hunting in the forest, they would have to already own a pretty strong armor. and bring a couple of spares to replace the damaged ones along the way.

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