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Jul 2, 2012 | 8:19 AM EDT
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1280 x 994 px
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Author Comments

I'm having some real troubles with this piece....

It started with a quick sketch of what I'd like in the picture... like a boat, the sun, birds, the horizon and land off in the distance. I wanted the viewer to almost adopt the pirate's angle of view... He's looking off the starboard side of the ship towards the Sun.. Or something else I don't know.

After tidying up the piece, I then tried to shade it. I think that definitely breathed some life into the piece, though I reckon there are still some areas which should be darker/lighter ect...

Somehow I think I made one or two really realistic looking waves, thanks to some reference pictures.

I can't seem to shade his face well. So I've hidden that layer for now... Having his face not shaded almost gives him a saintly appearance... I didn't really intend that and don't particularly want that effect either.

The boat off in the distance looks a little too sharp, so I might have to blur the lines a bit. Likewise with the land off in the distance.

The barrel was a fucking pain in the arse.

I wanted the Pirate to have a bandana on and I really, really wanted to sketch in a little music box (one I own in real life) into the picture, resting on the barrel but simply couldn't cause I lack the mad skills required.

Also, the Dude is meant to be seated... Does it look like he's sitting down?

Colour wasn't really at the forefront of my mind so I've left it out for now... I like how the Sun looks though. It appears really bright.

Ocean looks a little flat still... And the sky is just too plain...

Apart from that, I'm happy with this piece.

How does this piece make you feel? Sea sick? Void of emotion? What bits don't you like/do like?

EDIT - Erm, it's kinda too big when I full screen it... Though pressing F11 to get rid of address bar and stuff helps... Simply press F11 again to bring them back... Duh.. xxx



Rated 4 / 5 stars

good pic, but as you recognize it has some issues. first get rid of the glare's. By that I mean the unshaded parts where it should be shaded. Most noticable part is where he leans on thta pillow thingy, the border isnt shaded and looks like its glowing.

try to shade more consistently. some areas are very dark while others arent. especially the wooden board in the front looks messy. You can try to add shadings on a different layer using a soft brush with very low pacity (15% max) and low flow (maybe 27%). As long as you hold on to your mouse button you can fill it up equally. as soon as you release and go over a covered spot again it will darken hard.

You can also add a layer, hold the alt key and press the add layer button buttom right. set mode to overlay and fill with neutral. You can now shade on this layer using either brush tools black/ white or burn and dodge tool. play around with the settings of the opacity, flow and exposure. NEVER 100%

your light source is very clear and pretty frontal, this means that you can shade hardcore and it wont mess up the picture, this is a good thing. dont be afraid to shade (something I have to tell myself quite often). but in any case keep it fluent and not messy.

about the face: just shade it! behind his ear. Also i think it would be better if you add some ground shade of the "fence" since that would create a shade on the ground.

I think the boat is just fine, if you think its to sharp just blur it a bit at 5-10%

although I am not sure I think the horizon is to high. concerning the POV I think it should be lowered, but its a minor issue

your waves are problematic; the highlights are oke, but they are to dark and to me look like little islands. also they seem scattered to irreguraly and a sea doent really look that way.

one more tip on shading. If you have your linework done you can select and area for example one fence pole and then shade in that selection. That way you cant get out of bounds.

all in all not a bad picture, I like the perspective and the setting.

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Karo-Korp responds:

I wept as I read your review, you are correct, in everything you say.

You could build a house with your advice, it is that solid.

Thank you very much Tomsan, I'll take everything you've said to heart and put it into practice for any future pieces I might do.

Also, I very much like your cat illustration.

Thanks again for the critique, it won't go to waste.