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This is a drawing based on the situation with my biological father and his horrible wife. :D

So I thought this would be very fitting. I take it as a hilarious situation, but deep down it'll lead to that man's pain and agony because she'll probably eat him...thus, the insect reference. Oh so fitting.

Oh...and he's a military man, or supposed to be a man. lol So I figure I should put those badges off to the side, stripped from his body.

Seems a little immature, but hey...you can't just slap people in the face without getting arrested anymore, so drawing's all I have.



This is how my friend and his girl friend are portrayed, he came to school with a few massive hickies, and we said she was working from the neck up.

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Your subject matter isn't realistic I know, I'm not arguing that. You really don't get it; A woman's arm shouldn't be two-thirds the size of her waist, not when you're trying to make a well-proportioned figure drawing. It looks fucking stupid, and takes away from your image. Ask ANYONE educated in figure drawings. What would you do in art school if your professors try to give you pointers to improve your work? Ban them?

I tried to be nice and recitify the situation (which should never have been an issue to begin with). All you had to do was read my nice message and respond properly, and I would have left you alone instead of writing pissed off hate letters in review boxes for your art. BUT WHAT YOU DID was to call me a bunch of names and ban me, instead of acting like a grown up.

You didn't want to listen to somebody trying to help you, and you'll never get any better at drawing because of it. Fuck you. You're an idiot. Fuck your life.


Is it just me..... or does every fucking hate their stepmoms.... because mine is a fucking crackwhore son of a bitch.

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Darth-Spanky responds:

Hell yeah! Stepmothers are always evil...this one is just a particular nasty one. To think she was allowed to breed.

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Nov 4, 2009
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