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Poor Deg... He can't even play a game without being trolled.

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Um,for some reason i saw this while searching for "Sailor Moon" O.o

Anyway this was simply hilarious! Majora's Mask is my favorite 3D Zelda(my favorite 2D Zelda is A Link To The Past).

Love the art design,simple yet hilarious,great job!

Darth-Spanky responds:

Well, that's weird...but thank you. :D

lol Troll Face

This is some funny shit! lol XD


The Majoras Mask moon always scared the shit outta me when I was little..... still does


Dude, someone with enough balls to laugh 'bout Foamy deserves at least an 8! And yeah.... Link does have a tendency to eat everything doesn't he? And I agree with the author... it's allright to dislike but don't make his score go down simply because you went in something you're too damn sensitive about... Only reason I didn't you a 10 is because well... There's better drawings out there, but good job and keep it up!

Darth-Spanky responds:

Thank you, and you're right. There are much better drawings out there. lol I'll admit that this is definitely not my best. Anyway, its good to know there are people with properly functioning brains out in the world.

Oh...but I'm a girl. The picture on my profile is, indeed, me. XD

don't talk shit about majora's mask dude

it was the best zelda game ever okay

also like was the joke that the first few panels are from ocarina of time overall I didn't like this comic at all but I do like majoras mask (sadly you do not get any points for incorporating it)

Darth-Spanky responds:

Talking shit? Get over yourself. Just because I make fun of something, doesn't mean I'm "talking shit". It's called freedom of speech and enjoying something enough to even acknowledge it. I love the Zelda games, but it's only fair that I make fun of the things I like as well as hate. It's called a sense of humor.

I can respect the fact that you don't like the comic, but don't be a butthurt douche about it. And yes, the first few panels were from Ocarina of Time...part of the joke was that the moon wasn't supposed to be in that game.

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Jul 11, 2011
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