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Happy Duck Dream


Edit: OH COOL FRONT PAGE! ^^ Thanks Ng!

Clash the duck is too sweet and innocent to see that his "happy" dreams of bubbles and corn floating in an ether of dark space are actually messed up nightmares fueled by years of abuse and rejection. All Clash sees is the popcorn that electric fish is making for him :) yum!

Drawn in Photoshop
Art (c) 2010 Crystal Gonzalez

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rad as shit

My name is God.

And this is bad ass.


You have just given me my revenge, I can play a prank on my sister, or do it on Halloween, scaring little kids, I'm going to give you credit of this art if anyone ask. =) Nice. 10/10

Comick responds:

Haha okay XD well thanks for looking at it!!

Holy Hell

I never write reviews for art, or seldom at that, but I felt I needed to quickly say what I needed to say. I just wanted to note that you really nailed the creepy aspect in the characters face if that's what you were going for. Every time I go for that it just looks odd, you seriously nailed it very nicely.

I gave it a 9 though because I felt like the face was the most interesting part and where you started or at least put most of the emphasis on. To me it feels like the rest is more dull and less important, which wouldn't be a bad thing except that the face is quite small in comparison to the rest of the drawing.

I really loved this piece but I feel like the body could of had more going on.

Comick responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate you took the time to look at my piece :) and glad it was creepy haha. Most people rate it down based on the fact that it's creepy sadly.

I see what you mean, although it's probably my own fault for the way you are reading the face most. I deliberately dulled and blurred the surrounding areas so that the face would pop more....I guess I did it too well. Still thanks man for the review, I suppose next time I'll just make it a bigger file size and brighter on the surrounding areas ^_^ Thanks!

I don't really like it but...

The detail is very nice. The effort put into the scenery is often overlooked. The simplicity of the duck and the complex design of the giant nightmare add spice as most artist like to "stick" with one art style.

Comick responds:

Well that's cool man :) Even if you didn't like it you still gave me a good score for the drawing work I did? I appreciate that! This pic it really a direct example of the work I make :D Cartoony stuff with a complex details flare.

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4.48 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2010
3:32 AM EDT
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