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Hey guys! These are two pieces of environments I did with Rule & Make on their new project ENTROPY.
In about a week, I'll be making a bigger post about this project and my involvement on it.
I just have to say that NG has been a huge supporter of my work and in many ways, I bet I would never get a gig like this without your support! So...thanks XD Enjoy the twofer!

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Mike (sorry for all that confidence), once you said:
"I have to keep on doing better art-work, to keep it up with the competition and be able to appear on the frontpage"

I'm like "stalking" you since last year, and you've released majestic jewels one after the other, talking about original pieces of art. But, i mean, now...I know the struggle that you're facing! It has to be really tough for you, to make it through the countless semi-naked/naked chick that are invading the Art scene. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that those artworks are ugly or badly drawn, but they seems too much cheap to me...

I'm not sure who I have to blame right now. You are NOT the problem, definitively, that's for sure!

As always, keep it up man, I am sorry for this rant, maybe you have not even noticed that particular aspect or that doesn't affects you at all, and maybe some of those artists that i'm pointing finger at, are your friends, and I'm being a little bit rude. <3

YakovlevArt responds:

hey no worries. What you're saying really means a lot to me. In this time, where everything is electronic, it's nice to see someone is truly appreciating the stuff I post. It definitely takes more effort to type something more than, "sick" or "looks great," and I appreciate it.
I am trying to keep the NG art portal strong by only posting my best work. I still make shitty art all the time, but I just don't waste any ones time with it, haha!

I know what you're talking about though with the 'clickbait' thumbnails of an ass or tits and then the actual image is like, "meh.." You're gonna get those everywhere. I mean, do what you gotta do, I guess, who am I to say what's the right way. As long as there are people who dig the stuff I dig and are loving it, I'll keep positing it.

Thanks for your support. Jiwid92!
It's people like you that motivate me to come back to NG no matter how "big" I get. I've seen too many awesome users leave NG either through a breakthrough in music or art and it's a bummer. Because in the end, I'm like you guys. i come here to enjoy the best, music, art and games that users can create.
Anyway, sorry for MY rant this time, haha.


You're such an inspiration! How do you study for these? Like... How'd you learn and improve on being able to do environments like this? It's something I'm struggling to learn.

YakovlevArt responds:

Oh lol, thanks a lot! Well tbh, I still struggle with environments. It's just that making it "look" good and like you "didn't" struggle which is the hard part, haha!
It's good to ask questions (like you're doing now), study how other artist do it. Each artist has a different way of making something look good. So study that, notice how each is specifically different. On top of that, it's good to look at a lot of other forms of inspiration. Movies, games, art, design, architecture. I always find good stuff on Reddit. Especially the Cyberpunk subreddit; http://www.reddit.com/r/Cyberpunk/

These are beautiful environments! Absolutely love how surreal they look, especially the top one.

YakovlevArt responds:

Thanks! -That means a lot!
Yeah that top one is something right in my comfort zone. I could do those all day!

Man, you always bring the A-game when it comes to art. Nicely done.

YakovlevArt responds:

Hey thanks a lot! NG deserves the best :)

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Feb 7, 2015
11:38 AM EST
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