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Nov 6, 2010 | 6:24 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature November 7, 2010

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UPDATE: MADE A FEW EDITS got rid of excess slow-mo, and someone ( I forgot) told me that Show No Tears was the better song so took out Devil's Dance! For those of you who keep saying Sonic cant fly, think of it this way, he is moving so fast gravity cant keep up. And in the game Sonic and Black KNight Shadow can use blast without emeralds, in fact there are no emeralds in that game but shadow fights like Vegeta with a sword.


EDIT: There a lot of things I could improve on I think what most people are saying it that it is good at individual scenes but they dont necessarily flow together, and too many slo-mos. Other than that I think I did so so, since I haven't use flash in like 4 years still stuck in AS2 but for this I learned some AS3. Sorry for the lag since some people don't have Flash player 10, because I had some 3d layers so I couldn't make it FP 9 Sorry.

This is just flash practice, I do plan on doing some real animations that are drawn. Why should I waste time drawing everything just to practice cinematography and motion and action sequencing. Just like drawing, if you know how to draw accurate proportions but need to work on rendering, waste time drawing, when you can borrow line art to just work on rendering skills.

Okay so this is a long way from Super Sonic Warriors. Sonic Adventure Z has been canceled, I wanted to do it but buy the time I got flash all of my custom sprites and storyboards were gone on an old computer. I thought why not do just a battle, after all that is what most people enjoy in a sprite flash now a days, mindless violence. ^^ ENJOY!

Im to lazy to edit to the credits so for music, thank the NG Audio Portal. Furthermore, the names of the non NG portal songs in order are: Knight of the Wind (Sonic and the Black Knight), Training (Track 07: Best of DBZ Trunks Compendium) and Metal Ridley Boss Battle Theme (Metroid/ SSB Brawl)



Rated 4 / 5 stars November 7, 2010

pretty good

This was very very slow to pick up, mostly because of the excessive slo-mo use that everyone has mentioned, but it certainly picked up the pace towards the end. It sounded to me like most of the music/sound effects were from Dragonball Z, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Metroid Fusion. Overall, pretty nice flash. 10/10 if it weren't for the massive amounts of slo-mo.


Rated 4 / 5 stars November 7, 2010

Not the best,but then again not the worst

you did good but the slow-mo took away from the video so it took a bit to long to truly enjoy the effects you used were absolutly amazing but simply put great animation


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 7, 2010

I liked this a lot

This will be my replacement until the next Super mario bros z comes out


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 7, 2010


Best movie ever.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars November 7, 2010

Seen better things

I have seen better things on newgrounds but it looks like you put to much slo-mo's in this video to really make it enjoyable. I personally loved the effects on the attacks, though then sonic went running in front veiw I noticed a gap between the pillars and the ground floor. didn't really make it realistic but still a really good job on the video. I may not be a animator but I know good animation when I see it and this is pretty good from what I've seen lately.