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rated 4.44 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Oct 2, 2009 | 3:40 PM EDT

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Create your own fortune. Travel the land seeking to destroy the Buccaneers, an evil pirate organization bent on being outlaws... or join the Enforcers to help stop them and bring piece to the land! You decide, you build your fate, and in the end you choose the path you want to take and how to get there.

Frontier is a non-traditional RPG, taking mostly the form of an economics game... but in the sense that you're not set on a linear path to go destroy certain enemies or collect items. Your job is to survive, earn money, and do as you please. Destroy the Buccaneers or take down an entire city for your taking. Join the Enforcers and battle it out with some mercenaries to become true evil.

50 different cities beckon your trade and visit, each located in 10 unique environments and place. Each offers new financial opportunity or guild headquarters to find more purpose in your worldly pursuits.

Produced by Armor Games, Concept and Lead by jmtb02
Artwork by the Swain
Music by Mohammad Fikree

PM me if you have any questions, bugs or comments - jmtb02



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

lol i broke it

At day 106 i was traveling back and forth between Niato and Ny Caire making some money quickly (barter and trade! lol) but it wont connect... been like 5 days for a 2 day trip

But still a good game i enjoyed it and spent over an hour transfixxed on the fun


Rated 5 / 5 stars


absolutely amazing, very few problems, all of shich just requirea quick browser refresh, good economuy, guild is in depth, and everything is great.... but tis od theres only 19 reviews aint it?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have enjoyed it for hours !

Its never too late for a good game .. :/ damn its 04:00 am .. I've got to go sleep I gues .. :) great game , only one bug , if I change main characters name , some of the names in the game ar shown scripts or smth .. I meen I can see scripts where I have to see names ..


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

... What is everyones problem ..

There are only 17 reviews , which is very strange .. This is an AWESOME game and has a very creative concept and which I find just amazing! Also people have the nerve to go ahead and write nonsense.. I know the game is a bit buggy but that happens with all games, you never expect anything to be perfect. But not .. Directed to the creators.. Just overall a GREAT game and I was really pleased, I really hope that there are other games made like this !



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It's so buggy... not worth playing for now.

1) There's a lot of TEXTFORM this and that all over the place.

2) I was caught transporting black market stuff, and they confiscated half of it. When I got to the town, my inventory was completely gone. I literally lost all my money after 2 hours of gameplay. >:(

3) Just like version 1.0 back on Armor Games, health regeneration is iffy. I went 12 days of traveling around with 30 HP before it finally filled back up. What gives?

4) Achievements are rather pitiful. I get 100k and the reward is... 300 G? Riiiiight. The achievements should work towards adding more stat points to your character, or something more useful and worth aiming for.

5) As with number 4, you only get 6 stat points while adventurers you hire can have up to 10. There's no way to raise your stats or anything after character creation!

6) City capture fights are nothing but having the best gear, best vessel, and best fighter stats just for a CHANCE to win.

7) Enemies run at around half health, and this means they usually get away because of all the turns it takes to beat them afterward.

8) Sometimes I kept traveling forever until I got into fights that I ultimately perished.

9) As with the last version, after entering a battle, if you click Go and encounter another fight before the display finishes moving around, you're stuck with an option-less standstill.

10) It's cheaper to upgrade to the ship than some of the vessels before it.

Really, I like this game. I played it on AG over and over, even throughout all the bugs. But weeks passed, and the game was never updated or fixed, and even though it's released to Newgrounds as a newer version, it is still plagued by the multitude of glitches and bugs that stunted its gameplay value. It's really sad. I was really hoping to see this game come on this site in its full glory, but alas, I had hoped for too much.

The music is great, and never gets old. The flow of the game (graphics, background and scenery while traveling) is awesome. The free choice of whether to be a merchant, fight bad guys, fight good guys, or fight everything you come in contact with is very appealing.

This game would be immensely popular if these debilitating bugs and glitches were less... debilitating.

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