Rise of Alfred

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Comedy - Original

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Jun 21, 2007 | 1:23 AM EDT

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Author Comments

When Alfred Alfer the mentally ill dog gets promoted to manager of Burrito Bell, flashbacks of a neglectful and unloving childhood haunt him and give him an idea - to rule as Dictator. Alfred uses his burnt-out employees as Love Pawns in his sick and twisted desire to fill the emptiness of his childhood and to be loved. Oh yes, did i mention Alfred has Multiple Personality Disorder and he can talk to his dictator alter and that hitler and stalin's souls are stuck in his head for all of eternity and can control him too?

this is a full-length episode (7 and a half minutes) and i apologize if the beginning may be a bit slow but trust me - it will speed up.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

"they can't love me when they're dead" oh alfred, you sure did change your mind didn't you

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love your voice c: its just so pleasureable.

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I love the song........it is the greatest dictator song ever

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Second Alfred movie I watch and I believe I now understand the plot. I sincerely love the use of an old program to add a fear factor with what looks like "glitches."I know they were purposely put there and it gives the story that fear factor. Also, I find that this makes my heart thump with deep sadness. The protagonist of this story was never ready emotionally for what was about to hit him. He's having a rough life. Why is it so sad to me? I have a family member with schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. At his early teen age, it was easier for him to kill that sit in a corner and cry about his loneliness and the abuse he suffered at school; the lack of support he had. Certain abandonment had turned him, but he's straightened out a bit and amazingly he's a genius and very patient now. A very dangerous and patient genius.
I love your movie.

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well this was surprisingly likable, but compared to the later clips that brought me here courtesy of mindchamber, well lets be sincere here... no wonder farnayway is disappointed , he pass from a mentally disorder dog with dreams of grandeur, to a sex addict involved on perpetual orgies, i think the downfall of this production will make a perfect example of what happened whit the world of Japanese animation, is almost the same it started with some production values and then dumbed down to a world of sexual cuteness, the difference of course is that your work is not commercially aimed so it does not need to satisfy such things, nevertheless both cases are hollow husk of past selves.
on the other hand, in a world filled with ambiguity when things like art, meaning and life are not defined by a global standard, you are free to do whatever you like, and it will be ok regardless, since without the previous defined there is not really a degeneration of the medium. But i do have to say this flash here promised way more things to happen, so quality aside you also deliver less quantity on variety.
on the positives the animation got better... except 2008-9 that was so badly done, laziness on its finest, who would thing that this person could fully animate something longer than a minute and a half, that is not filled with spam, and then alfred christmas appears and you start to doubt maybe is the same person...
2010 was golfinho style without the parodies ...
2011 was the same... but apparently she remembers this used to have an story and we see glimpses of alfred on real life, but she is still fascinated with gay porn maybe always was, i skiped most of the uploads like the years before.
2012 eat my rotten meat 2012 sums up all which i skipped on a not so stupid or spammed way, which is short of hilarious on a way. That affection short film was different at least, you should do more collabs.
2013 loiter squad is making your job easier or harder? regardless what about watching less TV and search for better content? sure the irony of a guy that watched your spam doesn't seem reassuring, but i'm glad i skipped the shit loads of spammed gay porn.

this review was made by a recent fan, one that is free from the grasp of nostalgia which cloud judgement.

the conclusion your old stuff is way better.

also this year is not looking too promising when i read your response to farnayway about a comeback i got exited, but then again LoiterKlok 3.0 isn't exactly it.

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emily-youcis responds:

EHHEHEHH! ! FOr 2013 shall be the GOLDEN YEAR!! For the official Alfred Alfer Movei is commencing!!!
Apologies for the spam years, but you will understand, that I went to college and started to party and was heavily involved in painting (oh yesh, my paintings are incredible. see the emily rose youcis facebook page.) and didnt have as much time to animate.
BUt now i'm back at my mom's house and unemployed and cant get laid so The Alfred Alfer movie is officially commencing. That's write, a whole full length alfred movie, the one i'd been writing since 17 but could not dedicate myself to because of the college experience. But now i'm back to square one, nay, even lower than before!!! yet so much wiser to the shit ways of the world.
Bye te way, Alffre'ds Crhistmas was made when i was 15, even before this cartoon. I just never got to release it, and i think it's a cute way to sum up the alfed saga.
Dooooo keep watching, i have the first completed shot of the alfre dmovie on the front page of newgrounds currenntly.
So please understand that I am a growing girl and i needed my outside world time only to return back inside, which is now. I always knew i would return... always knew ..... Loiterklok was a funny peice of spam i did because i had just graduated college and needed a little breka project before i started on the movie.
Also, like i said in the bottom post, the sexualized , soulless, commercial version of alfred is a form of dictator alfred, adn in the movie one of his selves is an internet porn star, and so that whole dimension of soulless sell-out is necessary to the film.
I hope i havent dissapointed you compltetely to the point that you'll stop looking me up. But i garantee u friend, the Year of Alfred is here. Ofcourse i'll never be as wonderfully and naively brilliatn as when i was a virginal 16 year old , and the ways of the world have stunted me somewhat in that respect. However they inevitably will lead to my growth. Also, dear sir, please remember i am 22. I have about 70 years to improve. S
So keep watching my friend, and i am grateful to your dedication of reviewing my entire body of work.