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Jun 15, 2005 | 4:14 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 16, 2005

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  • Chrono Trigger
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Movement: Arrow keys
Use: Spacebar
Close/Open Menu: M
In Main Menu, use Arrow Keys
**Read FAQ Below**
**UPDATE 16/06 +ADDED**
1. HP Boost
2. Easier enemies and more XP
3. You can now see the Enemy HP
4. You can "rest" at the Shelter Area to gain full restore on HP/MP.
5. You will be fully restored before meeting the 1st Boss.
6. 1st Boss much easier
This is an RPG game where you play as Magus from Chrono Trigger.
The game itself is meant to be a continuous story from after CT.

Q: What does these diffrent Items do?
A: Tonic: Heals 30HP
Ether: Heals 15MP
Elixir: Heals 60 of each(HP & MP)

Q: Why can't I use items outside of Battle?
A: Well, you can use Items outside of battle. Just press M to open up the menu and the press on "Equipments" and there you have it.

Q: How do you fight when you are in battle?
A: You just need to choose what actions you want to do. Attack, Techs or Items. When it says "MISS" that's when the Enemy Miss (same goes for Critical Hit).

Q: Those imps are to hard. How do I defeat them?
A: Well, be sure to have the Raven Armor equipped (You find it in Viper Manor). It should make them miss a lot more. But they can still hurt you with their spells. Now that you can see the enemy HP it shouldnt be too hard. When the Imp has 50hp or lower he will start to heal himself. Thats your chance to kill him. So as long as you keep his HP under 50 he cant harm you (almost) at all.

Q: The Boss in the Castle is impossible! How do I beat it?
A: She is actually easier than you think. First of all you should be level 14 when encountering her (So be sure to train before the battle). The key here is to Spamm with Dark Matter (You'll get it at lvl 13). You should also have the "Raven Armor" equipped. Be sure to have the Elixir ready (It will save you for sure). When she starts to heal herself thats when she's weak, so finish her of with a Dark Bomb or something. But she can get multiple Magic Attacks, so watch out for her x3 Lightning.
Don't heal up before the battle. You will get full HP & MP automaticly.
Took me almost 2 months to do and I’m sorry for the file size (The music tends to take up a lot).

Good Luck!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

i killed the boss within 4 hits ;)

level up to 14, it does help xD. without it your buggered. :') keep on using Dark matter, and use potions. xD - you really shouldn't need to! shes EASY!!! :)

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Don't have much else to say... Except that I find it lame that people are bad mouthing a flash game from 6 years ago...

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


this game is in no way an rpg. i can see what you were trying to do but i think you should have put more time and effort into this.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

it looks good

i agree with finalflare. far too hard jeez trying to kill the boss is a dam nightmare i ran out of all potions i had got and the bugger down to 20 hp about 30 times and poof heal again. it makes me wanna pull my hair out.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

WHY cut?

Many many errors and failures, one if I use a spell to kill an enemy or just use one in general the experience you receive is cut in half, two) Random battles are almost instantaneous, causing for me to have to waste items every three seconds I'm out of mp when the shelter is only maybe three steps away, two I can't see the damage I do nor how much my enemy deals, I had 17 HP, the stupid enemy in the beginning hit for 1-3 damage, than critical like 20+ WTF, that is way too much for a critical,

Also Lv 10 starting bad Idea plus, have you played Chrono Trigger if you have which most likely you have. Do the character do such piss poor damage and let alone at level 1. You have practically that same HP you gave Magus in the beginning of Chrono Triggger also same exp to level up each time, I could spam killing enemies in the beginning and power level like that and I would if levels made a difference.

THIS GAME SUCKS way too hard and is a clear insult to Magus of the Chrono Trigger title. Never do this again, you more so insulted all Chrono Trigger and or Chrono Cross Fans in the entire World with this mockery of a Chrono Trigger tribute, and no I do not apologize since you yourself admit you changed the first boss and still people say WTF

Also Equiping the Raven Armor doesn't change your stats at all, I equip I see no difference, who the fuck makes equipment not only get you off the equipment icon but not show the growth of equipment how am I suppose to know if said equipment is better if I don't see any change

Lastly never do decimal damage in video games only straight NERDS, and when I say nerds I mean hard core cocksucker who like to frustrate people with their garbage excuse to make games either extremely difficult or completely Balders Gate style crap.

This game should have been criticized more over and over I am so mad I tried literally 5 maybe more times just to level up to 14 before leaving the Tent place because you can't go back how much more garbage are you going to throw in our faces with this atrocious game you call Chrono Trigger tribute