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While a majority of web games from 1998-2009 were made with the Adobe Flash IDE, the SWF format has since become open and a variety of frameworks and tools have emerged (many of them free) to facilitate game development! If you're interested in any of these platforms, here is a place to sample games made with each one.

  • flash_510303_medium
    flixel A collection of games made with the flixel framework!
  • flash_585599_medium
    FlashPunk Featured games made with the FlashPunk library!
  • flash_583201_medium
    Stencyl Featured games made with Stencyl.
  • flash_553810_medium
    The Games Factory 2 Featured games made with The Games Factory 2.
  • flash_604364_medium
    Construct 2 Featured HTML5 games made with Construct 2.