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Anime Voice Actor Needed (age 14-16

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Anime Voice Actor Needed (age 14-16 2013-03-26 01:21:25

Hey guys! So im starting this new series about three friends that are in a band together, and find out that something evil is coming to earth and they need to stop it. I already have the voices for the characters Tony and Brian, but i need an actor for Jay. Jay is a silly dude who plays guitar in the band. hes only 14 so he kinda has a kid voice, and hes always saying dude and bro and sup ect.

Here are some lines you can audition with as Jay

1.Jay: Dude that concert was sick!

2.Jay: Woah! h-how did you do that!

3.Jay: Watch out fools, its Jay's time to shine!

PM me for more details
p.s I also need voice actors for background characters so if you're interested in that just pm me.

thank you! :)

Anime Voice Actor Needed (age 14-16

Casting for Jay is now CLOSED! Thanks everyone for auditioning! We will need a bunch of other voice actors for other characters reoccurring, and background. So stay tuned!! :)

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Response to Anime Voice Actor Needed (age 14-16 2013-03-26 01:34:44

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