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ass 2013-02-23 18:42:39

I think that if you are leaning code, then along the way you should create a convenient flash for yourself that has e-z made buttons, clearly labelled, that add code to a box and then this code would be generated by buttons, so you can go back and add/edit/remove buttons, and all the while instead of writing out code you just click buttons and add in the values, and depending if you keep having to write out the same **** then just add a button and now it's a one click ordeal.

This will make it intuitive, instead of 'eluding' you, you can learn a snippet, it's function, and store it in a button, ready to pull up in a .swf, ready to copy and paste to a different .fla.

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Response to ass 2013-02-23 18:58:49

So far as I can tell you are attempting to respond to this thread that I closed earlier today. Please do not start new threads to respond to closed threads.