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Response to Metal Hell 6 hours ago Reply

I dunno how you can not love Welcome Home by King Diamond.

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Response to Metal Hell 5 hours ago Reply

Like 9 days late but....
Happy 10th Birthday Metal Hell.

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Response to Metal Hell 4 hours ago Reply

At 4/23/14 10:01 PM, Viper wrote:
At 4/23/14 08:58 PM, HeavenDuff wrote: Motherfuckin' Papa Emeritus, man! It must have been awesome :) I'm just starting to get into their stuff, and I'm really liking it so far.
Yes it was! Granted I can't say I liked the band who opened for them (King Dude). I mean, I'd probably be more okay with them if I listened to them and JUST them for like a week or two. But overall they were really meh.

King Dude...

Other than that the only problem I had was the fact that the show was sold out and it was completely packed where I was. Resulting in me pretty much being pinned against the barricade thing that was in front of the stage. The only part of my body I could move freely was my left arm because I was standing parallel to the barricade and over the course of the show somehow managed to have my side against it. Then my gf was standing directly in front of me because some douche that was near her kept pushing her into me while he was: taking pics of them like every 10 seconds, recording the show, and shouting through the entire show. Then her cousin was behind me and some chick was next to me and at the end of the show Papa Emeritus threw out a few roses and my gf almost got one but the person next to me knocked it away from her while it was in the air.

I'm still amazed by how douchy people can be during gigs. And ugly slob once stole (yes stole) a drumstick right from my hand like 5 seconds after I picked it up from the ground when the drummer of the band (Not sure what show that was, but I think it might have been Abigail Williams) threw it in the crowd.

Also, I hate when there is no room to move during live shows. At least you still enjoyed the show. could try giving Don't Break The Oath, Them and Conspiracy (since they're both part of the same concept), or Abigail.


You should also give Blue Oyster Cult a listen if you somehow haven't done so because I've heard Ghost being compared to them as well as King Diamond and Mercyful Fate.


Looked it up and the cheapest tickets for the show closest to me are like $50 per ticket! And if I don't want to go alone I'd end up having to pay $100 for two.

Wow... how come the price is so high? Is it because of the venue or Boris just have that much of an ego?

At 4/24/14 12:16 AM, Sense-Offender wrote: I dunno how you can not love Welcome Home by King Diamond.

"Grandmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, welcome home
You have been gone far, far too long
Is this a dream, are you really back?

Let me help you out of the chair
Let me touch you, let me feel"

Those lyrics, though.

That videoclip though!

It's almost as amazing as Candlemass' Bewitched videoclip! Oh and screw that! The fucking King Diamond flying ghost just kills it! New favorite videoclip!

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Response to Metal Hell 2 hours ago Reply

Am I the only one who listens to Torture Division? I feel like I shouldn't be

Just now realized that they released a new demo, and GODDAMN they still got it.

It made more sense in my head.

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