Newgrounds Wiki: Newgrounds.io

Newgrounds.io (formerly the Newgrounds Flash API) is a set of tools that let developers protect their work, record various statistics, and integrate their games with the Newgrounds community.

This API has lots of cool features, including:

  • Site-locking, to control where your game is played
  • Version control, to forward users to the newest version of your game
  • Medals, for players to earn with their Newgrounds account
  • Scoreboards, for players to compete for a top spot

Newgrounds.io has been completely redesigned as a pure web API. Any platform capable of posting over http/https and encoding/decoding JSON can now use all of these features!

We currently support both RC4 and AES encryption. Either of these methods can be converted to hex or base64, depending on your platform's capabilities. You can even disable encryption altogether if your platform can't support any of the available methods. The level of security/obfuscation you use is completely up to you!

Note: This API is currently in early BETA and is subject to change.


API Documentation