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Newgrounds Wiki: Advertising Terminology

There are three main advertising formats; CPM, CPC and CPA.


Cost-Per-Thousand impressions. For example, a $1 CPM means you get $1 for every 1000 people who view your ad. "M" is the Roman numeral for thousand, which is why it is called CPM and not CPT... Obviously.


Cost-Per-Click. In this format, you get paid every time a unique visitor clicks the ad.


Cost-Per-Action. Includes payments per sign-up or commissions on sales.

So what is an eCPM?!

Because our ads are a mix of all three formats, we calculate an eCPM (Effective Cost-Per-Thousand) to show you what you are earning on average per 1000 visitors.

NET 30

Our payments are made NET 30, meaning 30 days after the end of the month which the ads were run. If you run ads in January, you will receive payment during the first week of March, 30 days after January ends.