Reviews for "Shakedown (Chiptune)"


This makes me think of ol'skool Megaman. Very nice work Fionn!
(finally found your stuff on NG)


This is awesome 8-bit! Mastered! On the lines of Bitshifter!

Mind tipping me where you got this 8-bit filter, and what program it applies towards. *( I use FL7xxl and Reason)

Favorite audio on NG

THE best, the instruments work awesome together and I can't storp the listening

Side note: this review is influenced by the boner I got the first time I listened to this

Fionnhodgson responds:

Ok. Thanks for that...

Funkiest chiptune track I've heard in a while

I really enjoyed this track, everything sounds well organised and works well. The hats are my favourite for some reason. :)
I think the sweep should be a tad quieter though.
Well done! :D