Reviews for "Pure Elegance"

Great Song.

This is about as good as it gets. It never becomes repetative, about as good as it can get. Superb job.

Qwertyuiopasd responds:

well thank you very much! some people have said it gets repetitive, but I guess different people have different attention spans, eh?

thanks fro the review,

great song!

I like this. like, a lot.

Lets play the pro's and cons games....

Ok, lets play the pro's and cons games

First Cons, they tend to be easier :P

-The piano, I think, should have more reverb on it and have less midrange freqs.
-The snare roll should have a bit more bass and mid on it.
-The bass line has a lot to be desired for as well...lack of complexity.
-It does get a little bit repetitive, ONLY A LITTLE THOUGH.
-There isn't much percussion either.
-For a trance song the over bass isn't loud.

-The piano has a fucking great tune.
-The bells work very nicely.
-The stringed instruments work very well and sound very professional.
-The snare rolls that you put in fit very well and add a lot of ambiance to the song.

There ARE more cons the pros, but whenever I write a review, there always are. Seriously though, very nice song, it is indeed your best, and I would be proud to submit this song. Very well done, you are a magnificent artist with a lot of potential and talent. Regardless of the above pros and cons, you do deserve a 10/10 and 5/5.

Hope to hear more soon

PM me when you submit again

Your mate


Qwertyuiopasd responds:

Thanks for the levelling/mastering suggestions. I don't really know much about mastering in FL, but I usually don't have too much problem avoiding it. unless I'm doing it without realizing it...

the newer version will have many more "takes" on the main riff, so even if they're not all completely different, I've learned that just the slightest bit of change can make something less monotonous

I hate the way I can't fit myself into one genre, because this really is more of a fusion piece. Classical instrumentation, but more electronic assembly and arrangement.

Thanks for the review, of course. :D



I don't know about remixing, but this suits mah fancy :3


Probably my favorite piece by you. The classical insert makes it stand out - it's a little repetitive though. I didn't notice when the song looped - I don't know if that's a good thing or not. :/ However, overall, a good piece.

Qwertyuiopasd responds:

Yeah, I plan to re-work this song so it's less repetitive, but still basically working off the arpegiations. just... different arps.

thanks for the review.