Reviews for "Freedom is a step away"

Pure Emotion.

This song gives me chills whenever I listen to it... It is just so full of powerful emotion. Incredible. One of your best, if not your best. It blew me away. Any song that I can listen to repeatedly and still get chills from the sheer power and emotion is amazing.


I'm not even a classical music person, and when I saw the genre, at first I wanted to turn away and just click back, but the music entranced me. It's beautiful...



This is just to perfect...

Wow, I love it! *^0^*


In all my life i haven't been more moved by any other peice. I had chills throughout my body. I am speechless.

Definetly not aardvarticus, but awesome anyway

Extremely good song there, well done. You can has cheeseburger...