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Reviews for "OverworldRumble: Sonic & Mario"

i dun n o wut to say

it was amazing they didnt colide they went in rythem and it got beter and better as song progressed!

keep it up great work u deserve a cookie and a glass of milk wit a side of i voted 5!!


nice. god bless that blue italian hedgehog


HOW DID U PULL THAT OFF!?! man thats hot bruh. got the sonic instruments and everything.....i think i might have to go get a sega and nintendo and play both games now. i cant believe u took it back to sonic 1! or was that 2? either way they are old! OH THEN MARIO 2! dude.....u killed it enough said. holla@chaboi

wow amyzing

mixing 4 or 5 songs in one
how the hell did you do that...i think this submition have be more larger score like 15.99 or 17.99.....awesome,awesome,awesome, and awesome


Nice job on the flow of one game song to the other.