Reviews for "Mario Castle Dance Remix"


Pretty cool, but a little fuzzy. It might just be my speakers acting up, though...

FlamingFirebolt responds:

it might be the song. its an real old song and it isnt mastered or something


wow....sounds so much like the SNES version of Super Mario World...nice job keep it up and this is one of the best first submissions i've heard in a while


This is a great remix but it ends so abruptly!

Blown away

So wait...This is your first submission?! You must have done some stuff before because this is AWSOME especially for a Mario fan like me.


I was completely intending to give this dope jam its full credit of 10 stars, but it ends so abruptly, as others have already pointed out. I just couldn't do it.

As a track though, I'm spellbound by it. You could definitely hear the Mario aspect of it, but I get the distinct feeling you remastered the entire thing from scratch, which is entirely admirable. And, even moreso given it's your first submission. :D