Reviews for "~Zelda Overworld Theme Remix~"

It made me smile

Overall pretty good, I liked the stoppage part way when you talk about remixing it, that made me laugh. Then the result is REALLY catchy, you should really continue this like they said.

Very Nice.

Coming from a Zelda fan this is a pretty damn good song. Love the switch. But I agree with C4P5-10CK. You really need to finish and make this song longer.
Good job.

DjEagle responds:

I'll try to make it longer once I find some time :)


You should finish this up; it's one of those better remixes!

DjEagle responds:

I nearly gave up on the first review that I got from it, but now that a few more ppl including yourself I guess ill finish it and do more work on it I guess. Thanks :)


This Overworld remix track was awesome! Great job! You got my 5! :)

DjEagle responds:

Thanks for your 5 :)


This brings me back sooooo many years. I remember getting OoT the first day it came out. Thanks for the very fond reminder.

This is next-gen title music definately, though it sounds like it should be put on Smash Bros.

DjEagle responds:

I love bringing back fond reminders of old games :), and your right it should be put on Smash Bros lol, it would sound I guess ;)