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Reviews for "Elevation"

Not Bad

I've noticed that in your songs you use the same melody through and through. It doesn't seem to stop at all, and although the method used in portraying the melody changes, the melody is the essentially same throughout, and people would consider this too repetitive and boring. That's not necessarily bad here, since it's considered a dance song, but your other songs lack in deep change.

I also felt that your percussion was lacking here, which I've noticed in some of your other tracks. Try and work in that area.

Great work on, again, your bass, synth, and drums. Keep it up.

Pretty good

I like all your synths and whatnot, i would've liked a louder clap. also it's too repetitive, it's just the same melody over and over. add a different melody somewhere or put in a rave section or anything really to make it more diverse. otherwise, a good song, skeetskeet blah.

=0 smile 0=

collab sometime?
i'd call this song

True Elevation

Fun, poppy track. Great beat and amazing tune. WOOT! (I'd give a 10, but it's against myselft to do that)