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Reviews for "Fudge You"


This song is very simple sounding. But its better then most projects people come out with that just go overboard with sounds and stuff... Keep it simple man its always a good start!


Its sooo awesome!!!!! T-T

very neat

well, first off, no one gave props on the awesome tempo speed-up early in the song, and it takes MAD skill to compose not only the beat, but the synth-guitar key solo stuff thats packed along with it. keep it up.

I dont get this song

Put better muzik up there thats my thought

Its a cool tune...

...but it needs more variety. It started getting boring around the halfway mark and continued on. Maybe another instrument would have livened it up a little bit.

@Conker1717 - it's under the video game genre because it sounds like something that COULD be in a video game, not that it is already.