Reviews for "_-=[Don't Tell Me Again]=-_"

This is incredible...

Assuming you haven't stolen this (which i'm not implying you have), this may well be one of the greatest classical songs in the audio portal.

I would also like to know what Vst's or program(s) you used, and I can't wait to hear more from where this came!



way to go man, this has been the most fun piece ive heard in newgrounds, i really like it when artists try to compose something that doesnt sound like anything made before...

Not my kind of music but really good

That is pretty impressive, not really what I listen to but damn good.


Wow this sounds so real, you are either using east west or have an orchestra behind ya. I am stunned, i usually have so much to say but you got real tallent, amazing, keep it up!

Incredible high end composition!

XD, how can I NOT write a review for this?! I mean seriously? I was told i'd find this link interesting, and here I am :D!

My gawd there's some hardcore talent here! What software are you using VST wise to accomplish this?! The mock up is incredibly realistic and dynamic!

Such melodic expertise, you are where I wish to be... it seems I have my newest idol, I hope you will share more of your works with Newgrounds, and let me hear them! I'd also be damn delighted if you'd be so willing to share a midi of this so that I can study it :D!

Keep up the good fight and keep em coming! Brilliantly made!