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Reviews for "One a Day"

Wow i love this

This was great when i saw the thumbnail it kept wanting me to click on it it has such great color style, and just this great apeal to it, its very impressive, i wouldnt mind seeing some borders though, but its some awsome work you are going on my faves list, thanks for contributing such work

Add some borders of some kind.


Zigan responds:

Ah, you mean like a frame? I think sometimes to do that for my work. Some people like it and some don't. It enlightens me someone thinks I should though, thanks for the great comment and 10! :)


Did u take it with a camera or did u paint it.

Zigan responds:

Photoshop CS4 and wacom intuos 3 tablet. :P


I really enjoyed looking at this piece, it has a note of vagueness that you can see by looking at the collar (which looks futuristic). The red contrasting with the black is amazing, I can't tell if she has black hair with red dye, or bright red hair with black highlights. All in all kudos on the beautiful creation. A sure favorite. Keep up the wonderful work.

I'm inconclusive at the moment...

Do I want to eat the apple or nibble the hair?

I like the mixture of colors with the dominant red tone. I'd say more but those claws look deadly and if I tried to take the apple... well lets just say I don't like my odds?

Definitely a fave.