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Reviews for "Azure Reveries"


I like it! The pad in the mid section of the song sounds more like a house instrument then something for ambience, however i dont know how anyone could mistake it for "futuristic techno funk" or even techno, seeing as ambience is a subgenre of techno, and seeing as you labeled it ambience. dot dot dot... anyway, I do like it and you should make something like it using some varied drum beats, thats really the only thing I can think of to make it sound better. 5/5 from me

cool music

you should be a rock famus star

Really fun listening to.

My biggest regret is that I wasn't writing a story that it would fit to when I heard it.

Personally, I never got the memo that ambient was a subclass of techno. I always that ambient was supposed to be 'ambient'. Music that would create a mood around you when you listened to it, and not just the happy excited upbeat moods like techno.

The sudden change in the middle was kinda cool. Bit sudden at the beginning, quite a drastic change that didn't sound like a brain shattering glitch. It was actually quite smooth given the change. I tended to like both styles and so niether one ruined the other for me.

I could listen to this one looping for hours on end, which is exactly what I look for from ambient peices.

Really Good!!

I said in another review, for Clairvoyent Dreams, that the song helped me fall asleep when my mind was full of things. And this song does the same!! Great work!!


nice synths this sounds like hardcore A-ha.