Reviews for "red baron"


For hire? I could use a Red Baron! :O

dommi-fresh responds:

we could all use a red baron i am sure

just something to make you think

if Tom Fulp,Red Baron, and Dad(from dadn me game)got into a fight,who would win

dommi-fresh responds:

hmmm that is a hard one! i think the intensity of the fight would summon chuck norris and he would round house kick a vortex that restored the characters to normality

Chaos rides again!!!

I don't know if it's just JBK, but this artwork just screams Warhammer 40K.
Need more lulz? He's got Cloud's buster sword, perhaps from his decaying corpse.
How else do you explain the blood?

By-the-by, I've got some sweet ideas that I would be all to happy to pay you for.

dommi-fresh responds:

cool send me a pm some time buddy.

I was wondering when you were going to post this.

Still waiting on the original to be delivered but hey, it takes a while right!?
Damn postal service.

Your old school style from the humble paper with mild tweaks on the computer makes your art favorable and valuable.

BECAUSE! This is how all artists should begin, with a paper and pencil.

Bravo dude.

dommi-fresh responds:

hopefully it will get to you A-OK message me when it arrives buddy.

Damn. . .

This guy really looks like he's got a grudge against somebody. I AM ON YOUR SIDE, DO NOT KILL ME!!! PLEASE?

dommi-fresh responds:

dude i would just keep your distance just to be sure its not you he's after move away man move far away.