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Reviews for "Creo - Red Haze"

Awesome, time to listen to this 10 times in a row


Pure awesomeness.

I love the portamento in the notes in the very beginning. The chordline is trippy and unique, with a perfectly fitting drumbeat using sidechain and reverb. I kind of like the soft bridge at :26 with the quiet background chords, but it is slightly bland. The buildup after that is great, with an amazing drop and classic creo
The next part where it repeats the beginning but with the quiet sax is pretty good as well. The bit after that I really like, and then the next buildup and drop is amazing, although you may have used a teeny bit too much side chain. The ending is also great with the soft piano, but it finishes a bit too soon. Overall, this is a really great piece.

Holy ---- this is amazing. Need I say more