Reviews for "NG is Under Attack! Pt.2"

An ode to perfection

Fantastic. Flawless to every detail. I am in awe. The story is original and is a good follow-up to the first part. Too bad, Brutality would have been a great addition into the movie. I would have added more sound effects to accompany the action. Though the beginning Newgrounds intro was creative, nice work with the sounds there.

Watching it a second time, I understood the flash a bit more..The music was a good choice, as it fit in with the animation perfectly. I loved the debuts of characters from other flashes/games. You guys did a fantastic job. I cannot wait for the next part..Keep up that good work, aie?


great action scenes, pretty good graphics, great concept...really funny how u used those nonviolent characters in a beneficial way. the bg song wasnt great but it was pretty cool. great graphics especially the weapons..and the missile at the end...and NG exploding was really well done...great job..awesome cameos from all the NG people..this is a great series..heh assasin guy. cant wait for part 3. awesome job


That was great!

BTW: I think the people who are refering to the CC taking over NG are refering to NG: The Ledgend.


but B is red...(sorry)
u forogt Eskimo Bob, and Rocky Pinnacle.
Was cool that the sticks were there
Include Tomorrow's Nobody next times,Eric runs ppl over in his car
End super cool
Assasin n stuff
there has to be tons of Cameos in ta Next one, have a huge battle scene Beebo, in clude ur Self Afro Ninja etc!


I totally loved it!! it kept my attention the whole time, and the ending was really awesome. very nice job.