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Reviews for "Tough Endeavor"

I like the pensive mood at the beginning and the emotional appeal of the piano and string lines. The samples are of pretty good quality, and there’s a good sense of atmosphere to the piece as well. I’m really enjoying the brass swells at :46, too. While the pace of progression here is a little fast, you do a great job with the storytelling and structural contrast here. The melodic content later in the piece is excellent, and the production quality is very high. I also like how the piece comes full-circle by 2:13 with the emotional piano line. There are a lot of moments where you transition between different sections in the middle of harmonic phrases (like at 2:09), and the composition could be a little more fleshed out on the whole. Besides that, there’s not much to complain about here. Beautiful piece with some killer melodies and a distinct emotional quality. Keep it up, Columbers! ^_^

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score