Reviews for "[NEWGROUNDS MEGACOLLAB] End of an Era"

This is a cool idea. I like how cohesive everything is despite the number of creators behind the music. It makes me want to do something like this.

Great, it was amazing :D

Great job! :D
Why couldn't I join? ;'(

TheStatic responds:

Make sure to join our Discord server to stay tuned for future events if you want to participate in alike projects!

Oh my gosh holy frick the wait was SO worth it! The eargasms are still going omg what good work.

Lot7even responds:

thanks man!

TheStatic responds:

Thank 'ee

I'm sorry I couldn't participate, L7, Static.
Love the song. Et's as awesome as it was cracked up to be.
Maybe I will be able to participate in the next one :)
5/5 - 10/10, awesome, listening again!
fav'd :3

TheStatic responds:

It's alright. We managed to pull it off. And, as results say, it was really worth it!
We might start another megacollab on our server, since many producers who have missed this chance regret it. I'm not refraining from making that :)
And thanks for your review.