Reviews for "Newgrounds Museum"

gives all info

it gave me all thainfo i ever wanted to know about NG . and more i didnt care about ....

~~~VIEWED BY MoeReese~~~

poxpower responds:

Yeah, but I though about the ones people didn't care about and said to myself: they don't have to read it! The system was perfect... And it was my first time! Next time, I'll be making a movie, though....


Thee best best tribute to Newgrounds I've seen, and I havn't seen that many.

Good Job.

Nothing I can say besides this should be a trend and hopefully it does. Good job and make more.
BTW 1337 is LEET as in elite. So if it is used someone thinks they are elite or someone else is.

poxpower responds:

Yea, but I like to keep at lest a little mystery!