Reviews for "Sonic Boom"

Pretty ambient beginning, lasts for a long time tho. Then after a minute or so, it starts to get good.

The synth enters. No, wait... it’s a guitar on steroids.

Then the build up. Oh... the buildup. Take out the whipped sounds tho. Idk what that is.

Then the drop. It speaks for itself. But in case you are only reading the reveiw and not listening to the song, then uh... it’s pretty good...

*whippy sounds*

Not excactly sure what to call 3:18, mini drop I guess.

quiet thing

Mega drop. Help me understand. :3

*whippy sounds plus drop*

Nice synth to close it out. I’m sad that is over.

Epic song, I feel honored to have listened to it. Five stars, and a fave.

Nice #1 track this week

I can't really give criticism because I don't know anything about this genre, but I really like this song. Reminds me of some kewl songs

The drop wasn't the best in my opinion, as it was a bit slow at the start, but apart from that, I liked it, it sounded a lot like a techno Japanese tune.

Sounds like a mix of a track from the Amiga game Turrican II with som DnB vibes.
Quite nice if you ask me. Good Track. ^_^