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Reviews for "look what Bill did..."

buzz buzz

In this piece we see Bill, who has decided to welcome a colony of bees to reside inside his home. Bill can be seen in an agitated mood when he's first introduced, addressing the viewer to inform them of his situation. Intent spectators will notice the contradiction between his disposition and the fact he claims he himself had "turned his house into a beehive". This leads to the obvious question, why would someone willingly turn their living situation into a state which they abhor?
In the next scene, however, we see our protagonist exuberantly living inside the house, surrounded by bees and honey as he indulges in his implied alcoholism and sleeps through the day. It should be noted that the inside of his home is in a complete state of disarray and disrepair, beside the obvious presence of the insects, while the exterior shown in the previous shot appears as a normal middle-class residence. The lawn is even well mantained.
In the following scene, Bill no longer addresses the viewer, and, in a still enraged demeanour, makes a joke out of honey, which seems to hint yet again at a strong resent to his current situation which he has put himself in. This is followed by a short closeup of him in a drowsy (probably drunk) state. These series of events could mean that he escapes from the responsibility of his actions and the reality of his situation by drinking. He'd rather disconnect himself than pull his life together.
In the closing shot Bill screams at the world, cursing his situation, still surrounded by bees. It's left up to interpretation whether this means he has finally had enough of the direction of his life or he is doomed to repeat his cycle of anger and vice for the rest of his life.

I think the moral of this tale is that he turned his house into a beehive.

Yarvus responds:

this made me : D

Oh Bill! doing his classic Bill shenanigans!


this video has a sadness to it that i cant put my finger on omg