Reviews for "Another Day"


Well i found the graphics/sound and the concept very interesting..but.....no...humor...o.o

Its not bad

The wave effect was quite good, but it was hard for me to see what things were.

Catchy, but the wavy lines and kinda wierd

Interesting, when I saw the "decline of video gaming" I expected this to suck, but it is good.


Cool, nice job dude! Your a really good drawer. I like the animations where it looks like FBF. Cool. I really want to see a lot more from you dude. Your Super.

I liked the part when he almost fell into the water too, he was like AhHHhHhhh. Back to you, it was awesome!



nice n relaxin!

i really liked this - even if u didnt mean it it looked reeli cool i think....exect the fridge.... that looked like there was an earthquake goin on.......lol nice tho....cool music (wat was it called?)