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Reviews for "Windows 95"

Mmm, yes, this is brilliant.
The beginning was inspired, perfect way to kick in the nostalgia.
The whole song gives off a chill vibe, and just is great to listen to on a whole.
5/5, 10/10, all 4 thumbs up

xendraven responds:

Thanks for the review! Kind words for the intro, thank you! I really like Underworld so the progressive repetitiveness of it all stems from their influence ^_^ Glad you liked it x

Nice! Windows 95 ambient version coming soon? (thinking)

xendraven responds:

Yeah, might as well :D Thanks for the strars!

Wow, that's absolutely amazing. Feels just like the mid-late 90s. I also enjoyed that little error-like thing at the end with the original chord.wav. I'm definitely looking forward to listening to more of your tracks using Windows sounds if you plan to make some in the future!

This is AWESOME!