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Reviews for "Magic of the Altmer"

Ho again?

This is so good! I really think you can be able to make a disk!

Each time i ear your music, i can feel the energie you give in that! This is so wonderful! I beleive in your creation and your talent!

Bosa responds:

I'm already working on it, brother! And it's people like you that keeps me making the music you enjoy.



Well this is my first time hearing your music and I must say that I like it, I like it alot. Ive tried making music that could fit in the classical area but it never worked out for me, it always came out sounding, for lack of a better word, like crap.

Im definatly going to listen to all your other music.

Bosa responds:

Welcome, and enjoy my music! I'm always happy to meet a new listener. If you ever need help with music, I offer training services for free.


Reminds me of somthing

I like this song, as well as your other work. You work reminds me of LoZ music, which has some of my most favorite music in it, Especially Twilight Princess which is were this, sounds like, it belongs. I enjoyed listing to it as well as your others, good work.

Love this song.

I am a big Elder Scrolls fan. Haven't played the newest one yet. But played Morrowind, and read the small fan based Comics. I have TRIED to find the old Elder Scroll games, yet no luck and the downloadable verison of the Second one you ahve to have a Emulator. Which sucks. Yet I have listen to alot of Elder Scrolls music and I must say.. I love it. Keep up the good work.

To Adamtechno, this song may have nothing to really do with "Morrowind" itself, for it is "Magic of the Altmer" aka "Magic of the High Elves" which would not really be a song heard in Morrowind. For the Altmer are not native to Morrowind, the Dunmer are.(One who claims to be a Elder Scrolls geek should know this?)

I like the semi-tribal feel the song invokes, it's almost like the Altmer are using a primal magic, it has a raw beauty to (probably made even more so by the real instruments).

Very nice work!