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Reviews for "Chessformer"

This is by far one of the best games I've seen from @Rob1221. The concept is unique but easy to understand, and its implementation in these levels is great. The graphics and level sequence, likewise, are easy to understand. I will definitely return to this to see if I can beat it!

Wow! I think it's my very first actually finished puzzle game. Challenging and rewarding without being too frustrating (the last level gave me some rough time though).

Every game by this author is engaging and original. Difficulty curve, perfect... another winning puzzler.

Gravity chess? Incredible. @Rob, you may currently be the best puzzle designer on the site.

This game is amazing! The puzzles are really well thought out, and the last level is one of the best pieces of puzzle-crafting I have ever seen. Not a big fan of the music though.