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Reviews for "Mythra's No Nut November Part 1"

@Dynostorm What?! No mediocre voice acting and crappy stock sloshing sounds? UNBELIEVEABLE!!1!. I just absolutely LOVE videos with 10/10 animations and 0.5/10 audio design, and I cannot believe the AUDACITY behind this creation. As I grasped my 1.133333 inch penile cock, I was on the verge of exploding just from looking at the thumbnail for a fraction of a moment! To be fair, I concur with those that enjoy the thumbnail and the artistic prowess of the designer. HOWEVER. When I started the video, it went absolutely FLACID due to the lack of sound design! Without an underpaid vioce actor and 'Sneaky Snitch" by Kevin MacLeod, (one of my absolute favorite pieces of art of all time!), the entire emotional aroma created by the situation COMPLETELY DISSAPATED. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!1!!!.

Shouldn't sound and music be the first thing to implement before you submit anything?
Why hold that off until later?

This has a much better place in the Art Portal if you're going to do this.

CountMoxi responds:

It takes time to implement proper sound work and the voice actress I use for Pyra nd Mythra has other work and projects and won't be available all the time solely for my projects. I want to get these anims out during November so that's why I release them without sound first and then go back and add sound once ALL the animation is finished. Plus the Gif file would be too big for the Art portal.

Me watching this:
"I also like to live dangerously!"

I don't live with these girls so this'll be easier....sorta