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Reviews for "Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle"

Anime girl Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney but it's Ace Attorney.

It's Good.

The music slaps.

Edit: I was half expecting you to kill off Anya lol.

I havent really gotten anywhere yet, but its very fun

First, let me say this: If this was an anime, I'd definitely watch it.
This is my first time playing an RPG (or VN/Graphic Adventure) like this, so this was a new experience for me. A very pleasant one, actually! The case was short but well thought out, however it became really obvious who did it after receiving 2 certain pieces of evidence (which I will not say because I don't want to spoil this for anyone). Still, it was pretty fun!
I'm excited to see what the future chapters will bring to the table and I'm genuinely invested in this story, so I'll be sure to play the next chapters and see how this whole thing turns out. The characters are likeable and quirky, but aren't too quirky, so they aren't annoying or unbelievable. I like the light-hearted feel of the game, and I love the references that are made to certain games and even anime (like the Gunbuster one). The jokes land pretty well, like when a certain character starts going off topic about how he and another character met in a weird way, then the main character thinks to herself about wanting to continue the conversation. This sounds weird because I'm trying not to spoil anything. Seriously, check this one out.
If you like anime or Visual Novels, or even Graphic Adventures and RPG's, check this game out. While there isn't much interactivity so far, it's still pretty fun and from what I read in the description, there's gonna be a lot more chapters coming. For now, I give this a 10/10. I might play the full version if there ever is one.